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  • State Farm Visit

    Both graduate and advancement track just had several company visits. All of them are interesting and give all of us an unforgettable experience. For this blog, I will specifically share about my experience visiting State Farm, one of the biggest insurance and financial services companies in the United States. We had a full day of tours and speakers at the State Farm Research Center and Corporate Headquarters located in Bloomington, Illinois. Before the visit, I have never thought that they were more than a company working with numbers, processing claims, responding to customers, and providing services. They apparently do more than that. We get a chance to visit their three separate labs: Technology Research & Innovation Laboratory (TRAIL), Business Technology Research Lab (BTRL), and Vehicle Research Facility (VRF). State Farm hire smart people with different backgrounds to work on their research labs. They build their own equipment, run several experiments, and make reports from all the research they have done. We get a chance to see innovative technologies they are using at State Farm, learn about safety or precaution related to window, roofs, kitchen when there are natural disasters or accident events, and research they have been doing with different types of cars. I was amazed with how expensive it was to fix a small part of expensive car like Ferrari. After visiting State Farms labs, we went to their office and heard more about their strategic resources, IT, and R&D. Even though it was a tiring day, I believe all of us enjoyed the trip a lot. Several students also get a chance to talk with State Farm employees personally and get answers to their questions immediately. Frontiers at the MSTM program help you in choosing the right career for you and build a long-lasting networking.

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