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  • Lets talk about etiquette!

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    One of the Frontier events this year was the business etiquette dinner offered for both the Graduate and Advancement tracks. This was the very first business etiquette dinner that I have ever attended. Even as an undergraduate, I never had an opportunity to do something like this. I believe that this event is beneficial for everyone because it provides training on how you can properly present yourself in the business world. The evening during the dinner seemed long but it was quite memorable and educational. The dinner was led by an expert who taught us the appropriate behavior for businessmen. The dinner consisted of a four course meal and at each meal we learned the appropriate manner and etiquette. The dinner was held in BIFs atrium in a very formal setting; therefore, we had to dress suitably in business clothing (look at the picture up above: doesnt it look nice?). At the end of the meal, the host at the table gave a toast to the guest of honor. The most important lesson that I learned from this dinner was to focus on networking and not the meal. Even though, I got distracted by the delicious meal from time to time, I also learned how to present myself in a professional manner. I have to say, though, this was not an easy lesson to learn. There are many rules on how to use knives, forks, and spoons. But in the end it was fun and a good opportunity to step out of my comfort zone to try something new.

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