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  • Frontiers speaker Alan Gleghorn

    This past Friday, November 11, both the graduate and advancement tracks had an opportunity to listen to a few speakers from Christie Clinic during the Frontiers seminar. The main speaker of the day was CEO of Christie Clinic, Alan Gleghorn, who spoke about of his role within the organization. The topic of his speech was educational and very informational. Some of the things that he discussed related a lot to our MSTM classes  case studies (particularly the Virginia Mason case) and article readings. He talked about lean production and how it is implemented in healthcare. He mentioned how they were able to reduce errors in blood testing using the lean production. He discussed how they handle thousands of incoming calls per day since they are a very busy organization. In addition, they make improvements on a daily basis by measuring the number of visits and allowing every employee to give their inputs to maintain patient satisfaction. I really enjoyed the talk and learned a lot as well.

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