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  • It is all about new product development....

    I want to say something about our New Product Development course. I can think of three words that are immediately associated with the class, which are: outstanding professor, insightful, and challenging. I believe that most of my classmates would agree with me on this one. Raj Echambadi, the professor of this course, is really energetic and intellectual. Every time I go to his class to learn something new, I open to myself to the new area of knowledge especially on disruptive innovation. His teaching style consists of lectures, case study readings, and class discussions. It is always challenging to us because we have to participate fully in the learning process to get the most out of the class. But thanks to the professor, he always makes appropriate jokes, which really help us to have fun and feel relaxed.

    Mondays are devoted to lectures; therefore; it is imperative to discuss our case studies on Wednesdays during class time. They are really insightful and knowledgeable to us.  For example, we can apply the concepts we learned to case discussions about marketing myopia; product life cycle and changing basis of competition; technology trajectories and market needs, industry life cycle and Porters five forces; disruptive innovations; and these are only half of our courses. Could you imagine what will be next case?

    What we are learning in the class is really applicable to our real life.   We are learning how to apply concepts such as the five forces analysis to any kind of business  which we will have to do when we become managers. Personally, I believe that my classmates will be at least CEO on theirs fields because this program is giving necessary knowledge to build a successful career.

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