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  • Lessons learned from company visit

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    Priscilia discussed one company, State Farm, that we had to chance to visit and learn about its innovative development products.  Jeld-wen was another company visit this semester for the advancement and graduate tracks. The plant that we visited is located in Rantoul, IL, about 30 minutes away from the Illinois campus which allowed us to make it back in time for Accouting class. During this short visit, we were able to: receive a noteworthy introduction about the company from the general manager and take a tour around their plant location. The general manager gave us a short talk about their history, corporate, product line, operations and everyday challenges. Jeld-wen is a company that produces windows and doors for homeowners. During the visit, we had a chnace to explore all the different products the company was currently making and the process behind it. It was amazing to see the concepts learned from our process management applied in the companys strategy. Not only were we able to visualize process management but also the manufacturing and business methods. There are many elements that make up the success of the company: engineering, creativity, strong leadership, and strong decision-making.

    There are many lessons that I take from this trip. After the company visit, I understand more that the work does not end when I graduate from school; there are challenges that I will have to face once I enter the business world in terms of teamwork and management. Like Priscilia said, “Frontiers at the MSTM program help you in choosing the right career for you and build a long-lasting networking”. I believe that you will be certain what you want to do when you finish the program because you get an opportunity to explore what’s out there with the help of the MSTM program.

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