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  • Friday Frontiers on 11/11/11

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    You and I are following MSTM through its blogs; you might have an idea, by now, what frontiers in technology is all about. In brief, it is knowledge, fun, entertainment, and similar extra-curricular activities added to other courses of academic education almost every Friday.

    Special Friday, on this date, was scheduled for guest speaker Alan Gleghorn from Christie Clinic followed by international pot-luck (wiki definition - A potluck is a gathering of people where each person or group of people contributes a dish of food prepared by the person or the group of people, to be shared among the group), along with birthday celebrations.

    Details about Alan Gleghorn are described in another blog by my friend, Ekandrea. After the knowledge part, came fun. We all tried hard to prepare delicious food that would be well-liked internationally. I tried to make it edible! There was a large variety of eateries, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, appetizers, desserts, Chinese rice-alongs, etc. Of course cake and soft drinks to go along. This great idea came from Donna (AD), whose idea it was to give taste to all international home cooked food. Never mind if you don’t cook, you could join in and bring something from a restaurant. That was the most varied international lunch I have ever had.

    MSTM also celebrates birthdays on tri-monthly basis. We have big cakes, birthday song, soft drinks to celebrate birthday in common group. This time we had birthday boys and girls from October through December, which we (even me) shared with Director Dilip and Heather.

    Birthday boys & girls

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