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  • Crisis Communication

    Frontier's Spring Opening - Crisis Communication

    Happy New Year, Everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday. The MSTM spring semester began this past week at the U of I. I am excited to be back to discuss some of the interesting and unique events and classes that are awaiting the MSTM students.

    On Friday, January 20, the MSTM students had an opportunity to listen to Robin Kaler on Crisis Communication. Robin Kaler is an alumna at the University of Illinois receiving a degree in Journalism. Now, she is Associate Vice Chancellor of Public Affairs at the University of Illinois. It was a pleasure to have Robin Kaler come by to speak to us on topics that will help us in future jobs as well as provided us with insight on experiences she had encountered during her career.

    In her talk on "Managing an Organization's Communication during a Crisis.", she covered five key things that we needed to know:

    1. Help organization avoid most crises
    2. spot potential crises before it happens
    3. ways to prepare for media interviews
    4. the number one rule for crisis management
    5. resources to help you respond quickly and effectively to a crisis

    I never realized that crisis communication could get so be so complex and enjoyed the many examples of real crises used. I look forward to learning from interesting topics such as the crisis communication, field trips, and workshops. 

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