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  • A ride with Sanjay Patel through his late career as part time Entrepreneur

    Friday, February 3, we had opportunity to listen to interesting speaker, Mr.  Sanjay Patel. He is an Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Sony Scholar at our University. The topic for the day was ‘From Concept to Company:  Some Experiences with Taking High Technology Research to the Consumer Market’. He has a background in high-performance computer architecture, with multiple papers published. Mr. Patel is also co-author of an introductory textbook for computer science and engineering students, titled ‘Introduction to Computing Systems: From Bits and Gates to C and Beyond’, which is now available in its second edition from McGraw-Hill.

    Mr. Patel took us through his exciting journey from Ageia to Nuvixa, which he went through along with delivering lectures in ECE department. In 2004 he served as Chief Architect and Chief Technology Officer at Ageia. He was part of projects where they developed ‘physical hardware accelerator’ with eight CUDA cores, while the gaming industry was busy with graphic accelerators and processors with 2 cores. PhysX gave the gaming world with real effects which enables ‘water splash in a bottle’ and ‘a piece of waving cloth’ appear real. This appeared a big threat to Nvidia, which then acquired Ageia in February 2008. Professor then co-founded Nuvixa, where currently he is CEO. Here they are working on technology that Microsoft sees couple of years down the line. Using the device like Kinect, that captures 3D images of people, Nuvixa is trying to integrate it in applications like presentations and video conferencing. This application uses computing on user’s machine and is also connected to cloud of Nuvixa. He exhibited the work so far by displaying himself in presentation slides on screen with change of slide with a hand gesture.

    We were experiencing live facts that we learned in Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization. And yes, to add to this Friday Fun, we had cake for birthday boys and girls of January through March.

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