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  • First Week of School

    It will be an interesting experience for students who spend their
    vacation in their home country to come back to Champaign. Some
    students might not have seen snow in their entire life and it will be
    their first experience of having snow. I am originally from Indonesia
    and we have never had snow there. Indonesia has a tropical climate
    with two distinct monsoonal wet and dry seasons lying along the
    equator. Even though this winter is not my first time seeing snow, it
    is still a challenging experience for me. I need to wear a couple
    layers of clothes, gloves, a thick jacket, and boots all of which I
    have never worn in my country. This winter is kind of different from
    my past winter experience. There is not much snow this year as
    previous years for the time that I have been around here. I can say it
    is a warm winter.

    I really enjoyed my first week of school. After a winter break, it is
    good to meet with my classmates. I get to catch up with them and hear
    about their winter break vacation. I feel this semester will be an
    interesting semester. I am taking Finance, Technology Strategy,
    Project Management, Managing Intellectual Property, Technology
    Practicum, and Frontiers classes. I have never taken business or
    technology related classes before so I get excited about the class
    materials. I would like to get exposed with the new knowledge I get
    from class and real problem solving experience through Practicum
    class. Let's get ready to work and study hard this spring semester!

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