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  • Thought about Frontiers in Technology: Innovation Challenge competition

    Hi there, last Friday we had the Apps competitions. The advancement and graduate track engaged and enthusiastically faced a challenge to build apps for the MSTM program. Students put their energy and creative impulse into designing the best and most innovative application.

    The goal of this competition was to allow students to have the opportunity to connect and to apply the knowledge from previous courses in order to develop an iPad app for the MSTM program.  It was our job to convince the judges that they should adopt our app idea. Although, my team did not win I still enjoyed the whole process of developing an idea from scratch. I am glad that we worked together and applied knowledge on really creative ideas to build “online fraternities”. Also I am glad that another team from the advancement track took third place. Good job guys!

    Oh and one more thing, I want to say thank you to the MSTM program for giving us the opportunity to meet with Apple executives, who spent  time to judge and give valuable feedback to us.  I hope each idea will have future outside of the University.

     And one more suggestion for the next year when the new students arrive, MSTM program should invite students from the computer science and design faculty of UIUC. In order to build apps in more complete version (prototype) rather than just concept. 

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