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  • MSTM Frontier's Trip to Walgreen's DC

    The increasing demands and use of information technology products and services makes project quality management increasingly more important. Bandwidth has increased exponentially. With info demands becoming an increasingly important aspects of our daily lives-both at work and home-we come to depend on high-quality information technology products more and more. 

    MSTM visited Walgreen's Distribution Center in Mt Vernon in April and saw the KIVA order picking system in action. The revolutionary system leaves the operator in one station and brings carts of parts to the picker-through use of robotics-in a fantastic maze-like system. The programming involved to get the right parts to the right picker and to move the robotics must be quite intricate and quality assurance is vital as robots crashing into each other, breaking down, or not getting the parts to the right picker at the right time would cause chaos on the distribution center floor.

    While Walgreen's stressed their need to reduce costs, it was able to justify this new technology project as it increases order picking by more than 200%.

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