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  • Quick Spring Semester Summary

    It has been a long time since my last post and, well, there were reasons. To be honest folks, I was trying to understand what was going on with my education…. Seriously, this last eight weeks were really difficult for me.

    Supply Chain Management required me to find some sense of humor. Mr. Mean and Ms. Standard Deviation, as our Professor usually said, provided the idea that supply and demand can actually live in the equilibrium. Demand uncertainty, trust, push and pull systems, decouple point and many other points gave me a clear idea of how to manage my supply process on my new venture in my country. I hope it will help me in my future work.

    At the same time, Simulation Risk Analysis gave us knowledge about quality forecasting. (AHHH, God how I love  lottery games). Decision tree, rollback and backward induction were heart-breaking especially with simulation process and trying to come up with expected statistics. It was really interesting to me when we made the most efficient decision on the cases and I found it to be a valuable and necessary class for our future. Thanks Professor, for trying to make this class more fun by giving unrealistic examples about clairvoyance and Martians.

    Finance was excellent, much because of our Professor.  During the class, he enjoyed commenting about Nobel laureates and how they impact the financial industry and so on. I believe that we may have already spoke with a future Nobel laureate [our Professor] because his explanations were so clear and understandable. I believe that my classmates will support me with this idea. I can only add that finance is about logic which we can apply in everyday life. Just be aware of this and you can thrive in finance.

    Exams for these classes went pretty well. So thanks dear Professors for this knowledgeable semester.

    I will stop because my next blog will be about our adventure in Silicon Valley.

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