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  • MSTM in Silicon Valley

    The spring semester was over but not for many of us. Sunday morning, a group of MSTM students--lucky enough to have decided to go--headed off for a Silicon Valley Tech Trek/Business Trip . MSTM had five intense days planned, meeting with Ebay, Google, Apple, Plug and Play Tech Center, Intel, HP Labs, and Our task was to observe and ask questions and actually see how businesses are implementing the principles that we had just spent most of the last year learning about. Additionally, while in Silicon Valley we were encouraged to network, network, network.

    I reviewed that Silicon Valley is one of the cutting edges of the frontiers of technology. With such a ripe frontier, this economy just logically requires special culture, and talented engineers and designers.

    I encourage prospective students to enroll in this program…

    Please see the following link for more details and photos of the trip:

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