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  • In the End...The Beginning

    Graduate Track - Class of 2012
    Graduate Track - Class of 2012

    A lot happened in last couple of weeks of spring. It began with end of team assignments - we all had lot of team work throughout the year. Then there was end of classes (lectures). And came the last exams week, putting an end to many things. 12th May was important day for all of us. We had MSTM Graduation Celebration (32 Graduates) in morning at Business Instructional Facility, followed by 33rd Annual Ceremony - Convocation by College of Business (about 17000 Graduates) in Assembly hall. MSTM celebration was special. There were Academic Excellence awards given, Favorites in professors were announced, Chris and Tarkan shared their thoughts with Director, Prof. Dilip Chhajed, and Interim Dept. head, Prof. Qualls. There was nice video compiled by Tarkan based on the memories we cherished this past year.

    The very next day, we self-chosen 25 set out in early morning for MSTM tech-trek in California. This was once in lifetime, educational/Business trip led by Donna and JE. It was fun four to five days, where we visited companies in Silicon Valley Bay Area in the Day time, and roamed around in San Francisco in the evenings. Personally, it was my first time to California, and I loved it! It is a great feeling, being with professionally dressed bunch of 25 people visiting the greats of Apple, Google, Intel, eBay, HP labs, Plug and Play, Some found great networking opportunities, looking for jobs, some found it lot informative, some explored touristic California with their cameras. We also had small city tour, enjoyed the view of Golden Gate and City of SF from the top. Thinking of California, pictures pop up in my mind of Pier 39, Bay Bridge, Giants’ baseball game, Intel, Union Square, Golden Gate, Ghirardelli chocolates, and so on.

    All in all, it was great quick one year with MSTM and awesome quicker conclusion. Some friends are back home, some preparing to begin their new jobs soon, and some are still looking for their specific roles. This is the end of a journey with MSTM and the beginning of new career, new mode of life! We made very good international friends, and this year would always be there in some corner of our hearts. Thanks to all our Faculties and Staff, and good luck to future MSTM graduates…

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