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  • Last Remarks: The Devil is in the Details

    Okay, I have a short message to share with my classmates, the MSTM Program and others whom I know in the University.  I will not summarize my entire studies, but only express my feelings.

    There are plenty of courses and tutorials, plenty of books and articles about management and technology, BUT there is something which you cannot understand and without this little thing you may not move forward. The MSTM program gave to me that little, tiny knowledge which makes me professional in the innovation field and technologymanagement.  As we've learned, “The devil is in the details.”

    Time was short, the study was quite challenging for us, but we dealt with it. Well done!!! I’m very happy because this program further developed my skills, single mindedness, inquisitiveness and persistence. I want to express my gratitude to the administration of the program - Professor Dilip, Donna, and Heather -  who was always helpful, passion and wise.

    To Professor Raj and his New Product Development class – I would like to give dedicated applause, for human attitude, hard work, and wise advice to Jag, Indra and me.  I learned how to correctly frame projects, develop strategic views, to see different perspectives and find the upside-down issues in a project. Thank you again Professor.

    And to my dear classmates, I’m proud that I was your classmate. And I wish you only one thing: do not dwell on the results, but remember that each of you have such huge potential growth both here in the USA and in your home countries. Move forward.

    Thank you and I hope you learned something from me as well. I congratulate my dear Master of Science in Technology Management colleagues. Thank you and see you in the future.

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