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  • Professor Qualls: Passionate Teacher


    Bill Qualls is currently at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he is the Professor of Business Administration and former Head Department of Business Administration. He has also held positions at MIT-Sloan School of Management (1989-1998) and at the University of Michigan (1980-1989).  

    He has published numerous journals including the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research, and Journal of Public Policy and Marketing.  This numerous contributions elevated him to be the one of the editorial board members of the journals aforementioned.

    His research interests include the use of behavioral paradigms to explain managerial phenomena, which currently examines issues surrounding the collaboration and cooperation across supply chains, strategic innovation and new product development. He has been a member of the American Marketing Association for over 25 years, having served a member of the Census Bureau Advisory Committee, AMA Education Council, and AMA Educators Conference Track Chair.  He has also been an active contributor in numerous capacities with the National Black MBA Association where the association recognized his contributions to the African-American community with an award named in his honor.  He is the chair of the National Black Business Foundation. In addition he has worked with the KPG PHD-Project to increase the flow of doctoral students of color into the college classroom.

    Looking at his vast experience in academia alone is enough wow anyone. However, seldom we know the person behind all those stellar achievements. In my short conversation with Professor Qualls a few days ago, we talk about his family, expectations and passion for teaching. 

    My brief conversation with Prof. Qualls
    Please tell me about your family:
    I am married with two children. My wife and I are originally from Texas which she still considers home. My daughter is in advertising and son in education. My wife is an instructor at Parkland College.

    What is your expectation for your students?
    I expect my students to be prepared and willing to learn, to participate and to be engaged in the process of learning. Education is a partnership and requires the exchange of ideas between the instructor and student. My role is to provide the platform for which the discussion of information about business and marketing principles can be converted into knowledge and used by students in the practice of business.

    Your short career advice for MSTM students:
    Find a career that they will be passionate about what they are doing on a daily basis and willing to give back to someone other than themselves. Regardless of the job or career they choose, students should be willing to become lifelong learners and teachers helping others to grow as they have grown.

    What is your hobby?
    My avocation includes traveling, cooking and reading. I used to play golf but cannot walk the courses anymore.

    Thank you Professor Qualls.

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