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  • MSTM - An Academic Action Movie!!

    It has been a month by today since I have come for this course. And as I look back, those days went by in a fly. So many friends, so many courses, and so much work!!

    The course started with Sandra and Karthik taking introductory classes in Statistics and Marketing. This is also the time when I got to know many of my classmates. The majority of students come from Taiwan – I definitely want to visit that place some day in my life, many from India and Turkey, and some more students from Thailand, Malaysia, USA, Jordan etc. All in all it is a very diverse mix and an interesting company to be in.

    For the advancement track, the first half of the semester consists of courses like Business Statistics, Leadership and Teams, Marketing Management, and the Accounting course runs throughout the semester. The 17 credit semester really makes sure you are busy, up, and running most of the times. One of the most interesting aspects of MSTM is the Frontiers in Technology course. We have some activity filled event every Friday as part of this course, and it is really fun! We have been to group outings, networking events, company presentations, case competitions as part of this course. They really care about how this course is organized and are very serious about student feedback. No wonder your feedback has some percentage in your grade for this course!

    While you are busy keeping up with grades, there comes the career fair! The Fall Career Fair is supposed to be important and you cannot afford to miss that if you are planning to find a job in the U.S.  I had a good time talking to the recruiters, and they were really interested in knowing what MS TM is all about. It would be ideal if you can bring some work experience to the table and leverage your MS TM degree to find jobs in Product Management, Advisory, and the related fields. Since, Business Career Fair doesn’t offer too many positions for international students, it is important to attend and network with people at the Engineering Career Fair to find a position that matches your interest and background.

    As for the activity on campus, the 900+ student clubs on UIUC stand testament to levels of energy students here carry. I got through an interview to get into a student run Consulting Company - Illinois Business Consulting. I think it’s a great opportunity at UIUC to work with real clients and get practical training to the theory you build in the classes. I had recently been staffed in a project at IBC, more on that later.
    I think the team behind MSTM is really determined in making this program a success. Especially Donna and Heather help solve most of your questions and make you feel assured. Prof. Chhajed likes talking to students, and recently I got invited to a lunch with him. I am really looking forward to it.

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