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  • The first 8 weeks is almost done!

    It has been eight weeks now since we started the MSTM program. It was really a beautiful experience full of activities and engagements. In addition to the courses and the studying load, we participated in many activities that made the stay here enjoyable.  We participated in workshops and lectures outside the curriculum. For such activities; Friday is a special day for MSTM students. Every Friday involves certain kind of activities. During the last four weeks, we completed a series of workshops about advanced topics in excel. We also participated in field trips to visit a special company or to have an insight on a special industry. We attended several career fairs to connect with recruiters and seek employment. All of these and more happened during this small period of time. I really admire how much MSTM department is organized and utilizing the program time in such a productive way.

    We are now in the middle of finals that complete our first eight weeks courses. Good luck for everyone. It was such a beautiful start with courses like: “Leadership and teams”, “Marketing Management”, “Accounting” and “Business Statistics”. These were foundation courses that we will build upon for the next level of courses. I am excited to start the next eight weeks courses.  The interesting part about MSTM courses is the team work. For each course, we have been divided into teams for several assignments. Because MSTM is a diverse program; students are from different countries and cultures; working on teams was a great way to help us understanding each other and know more about everyone’s culture. It was also to a bridge to exchange and learn different ways of thinking, approaches and experiences. As an example, my team work experience during “Marketing Management” course was fascinating. We were a team of four people; everyone from different country. The assignment allowed us to live different roles in the marketing space. We have achieved excellent results not only by studying and understanding the course material, but also by sharing knowledge and learning how everyone look at an issue from different point of view.

    The first eight weeks are over and I can be sure now that my decision to invest in this program was right. I am really looking forward to move on to the next set of courses that will be covered during the next eight weeks.

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