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  • MSTM journey: A Long Way From Home

    I remember the first day when I found out that I was the only Latin American student in the whole program, I was really nervous.  However, after nearly six months of starting the program, the experience so far has being wonderful. The professors, the students, the staff, the facilities, the courses and the environment have made this an unforgettable experience.

    Different classes, different types of professors, different teaching styles. However, all of them have something in common, the passion about their work. It is interesting to see the knowledge and industry experiences that the professors have. They are committed to their job and they bring along their passion to the class through discussions and companies examples. Something that has really impressed me is that most of the professors go beyond from the syllabus giving advices for our professional life.  As if that were not enough they are willing to help us with other issues that are not related to the class (e.g. job interviews, personal projects).

    I continue to be impressed with the diversity of my classmates. I enjoy learning about the different cultures that you can find in the MSTM program. Since every student has a different background, the class discussions are filled with a variety of points of view. It is beneficial to have that geographical diversity in the classroom, because it is possible to analyze companies/business ideas taking into consideration relevant cultural factors. Not to mention, I love the sense of humor of my classmates and that even though I am the only Latin America in the program, I have found students who has helped to adapt and to make me feel at home.

    The courses of the MSTM program are very interesting. During the summer, Introduction to Business was an ‘appetizer’ of what the program would be about. Through the classes, cases discussions, group projects, field trips and speakers, I have discovered a wide range of information about business, management, technology, marketing, innovation, etc. One thing that is really different from studying engineering is to have the opportunity to learn concepts and principles through the analysis of well-known companies such as Apple, Facebook or Netflix. It makes this program much more fun!

    I am not going to lie, the program is really challenging. There are long night doing groups projects and individual assignments. However, it has been worth it! The program not only prepares you with fundamental knowledge about technology management, it brings you opportunities to apply for jobs, to assist career fairs, to prepare for interviews and to experience the American culture.

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