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  • MSTM: An Integrated Framework of Study

    This was one of the points I wanted to put on paper regarding MSTM. I only began the beauty of the program as the new courses unveiled and showed strong links to each other.

    I have seen other programs where the courses are just a collection of discontinuous elements. I do not think that sort of course structure really helps students gain much, especially in disciplines such as management where we deal with ideas which are sometimes transcending, surreal, and intangible. Even if one understands the ideas in one course, one wouldn’t be able to apply them across other disciplines and make full use of them.

    On the contrary, in MSTM, we have had courses on Leadership and Teams, Marketing Management, in the first half of our semester and we are continuing with New Product Development and Managing Innovation in the current half of our semester. Although the names of the courses are different, there is a smooth transition between one another. For example we are applying the case analysis frameworks that we learnt in our Marketing Management course in our New Product Development class. We are further building on them and applying how these strategies can help the technology and marketing aspects of a new product. In Leadership and Teams, we had several articles on the organization and structure of organizations. We’re taking forward ideas from these articles into Managing Innovation course where we understand and apply the above ideas in the context of management of innovation across organizations. Not to mention, there are a lot of common articles we are sharing across Managing Innovation and our New Product Development classes.

    To top it all we have the Frontiers in Technology course where we visited companies such as Flex n Gate, and Enterprise Works and saw the principles and fundamentals that we learnt in our Process Management course getting applied. We had a presentation by a corporate speaker Andrew Stein. He was kind enough to come and present us on topics of innovation and recombinant technologies.

    The conversation can be viewed in post "Sharpening Your Instinct: MSTM Frontier"

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