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  • Christie Clinic: More than just health care

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    Right after the presentation from our very own Associate Vice President of HR department of University of Illinois, MSTM students were lining up outside the room to get some with delicious refreshments. Small circles of individuals were quickly formed, chatting away with ease about the presentation we had just heard. Some has taken their share of bagels and a cup of freshly brewed coffee and quickly made way back into the classroom to converse further with Ms. Parks.

    Time seemed to pass by quickly and before long, MSTM students again made their way into the classroom , filling the empty seats and excited to hear another presentation. Our next guest speaker, Alan Gleghorn, is a energetic man standing before us with a jolly expression on his face.  Ms. Foley introduced him as the CEO of Christie Clinic, one of the largest physician-owned and multi-speciality group medical practices in Illinois.

    Mr. Gleghorn was a seasoned speaker and his direct approach into topics combined with a knack for jokes put us at ease. He related how Christie Clinic differentiates itself from other hospitals by building an internal community that is geared towards personal interaction with patient. His approach of building shared vision amongst all the employees of Christie Clinic really impresses me. He argues that having a vision of the company is not enough. There should not be a separation of objectives or hidden agenda. Transparency and embracing people emsuring they know that they have a role for improving the hospital as a whole is the key.

    In his talk, Mr. Gleghorn could not stress enough the importance of process management. He repeatedly gave examples of TPS (Toyota Production System) as the role model of lean management. This is a very fortunate example for MSTM students because we learnt about lean management during the semester from our Process Management class taught by our very own Professor Dilip Chhajed. With this classroom knowledge and it proved additionally beneficial to understanding the importance of applying this theory into any business venture, be it health care industry or manufacturing process.

    During the question and answer session, Mr. Gleghorn discussed the Obama Care policy more in depth. He stated that there is still much to be improved about the health care system in the United States and that economy, social and political system is closely intertwined. In building a successful venture and managing business sustainability, one needs to be able to command flexibility, intelligently predict future market characteristic, and have the drive to innovate internal process management to be more efficient.

    The clip of Mr. Greghorn presentation can be viewed here: clinic.m4v  


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