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  • Donna's Farewell Party

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    Richard Bach said “Don’t be dismayed by goodbyes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetime, is certain for those who are friend.”

    These words resound true on Wednesday, February 15th 2013 when we held a farewell party for Donna Foley. Donna was Assistant Director of MSTM from 2007 – 2013. During her time in MSTM, she was heavily involved and coordinated the program’s facets from admission process, class registrations and advising, recruitment, marketing, and alumni relations. From the list of responsibilities that she had to handle, it is understandable that MSTM students seldom saw her outside her office room in Wohler Hall. Despite her busy schedule, she still approached students who came and patiently listen to our requests or complaints with her motherly smile. During her times in MSTM, Donna Foley has been more than a MSTM staff. She is a dear friend and she welcomes us as a part of a family.

    This was one of the reasons that on that Wednesday of her surprise farewell party, there is no single MSTM student that absent. The room 307 in Wohler Hall was filled with mixed feelings of anxiety, anticipation of Donna’s arrival despite the neat arrangement of cake and drinks on the side table.


    When Donna came, she was pleasantly surprised by the reception and she gave a little speech of appreciation. Much to our relief, Donna does not move very far since she was being transferred to the College of Engineering. She reminded us to visit her sometimes and although she was excited to being a new career, she will always be a part of MSTM family. After the short speech, we gave her a little farewell gift. Everyone lined up to talked and offered their best wishes for Donna’s future career.

    This event does not only touch upon a farewell for a dear friend for MSTM, but also a reminder that this program is more than just academic platform. Professors, staffs and students alike are growing up together and develop a strong culture of friendship that keeps intellectual discussion alive. Personally, I highly value the principal of MSTM that encourages interaction between all personals, appreciation of hard work and the attitude that strives towards excellence.

    Last but not least, I want to personally say my appreciation to Donna Foley for all her work that transcend this program the way it is!
    Thank you and all best!

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