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  • Peter Nero: The face of MSTM

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    MSTM has been a great way for me to expose myself to business. Not only has it given me a fundamental understanding of business and management, it has exposed me to a very diverse student body. Being able to get to know students from other cultures has been an added bonus of this program. Due to the heavy emphasis on team learning in MSTM, I have high expectations for my fellow students. My main concerns surround the willingness to take on responsibility and the English abilities of international students. I say this, not out of disrespect but out of an incredible admiration for the international student population in this program.
    I was born and raised in the United States, spending the past 19 years in Illinois. As an undergraduate I majored in Psychology with a focus in the Social and Industrial/Organizational fields. I was recognized for my academic achievements, being on the Dean's List three times and graduating with distinction in psychology based on the competition of an undergraduate thesis. I have had profession experience in the form of two internships; one in Chicago, IL. With a small start-up company called Evive Health, and one in Boston, MA. With a medium sized accounting firm working with a group on their risk management software as a service program. My academic abilities come from, and have been supplemented, by the high standards set by my parents. My father has his Bachelors of Science in both History and Philosophy, my mother has her Masters of Social Work, and my sister has her Bachelors of Science in Nursing and is a registered nurse. I have been lucky to come from an intelligent family that fosters academic growth and success.


     Over the last few semesters I have worked with more students who speak English as a second (or third) language than I have in my entire previous education. My team members for the fall semester set a high precedence for what I expect from my peers. Though it was the first time many of the students in my team had been in the United States and their English wasn't fluent, they tried. They worked with me, as well as my other team mates, to understand me and for me to understand them. In the same vein, the students I have worked with have tried to take on responsibility for team projects without being asked. This helps even the burden on each individual and makes for a much better team experience. So, really, the only thing I expect from my fellow students is that they try their best.


    Going forward, I expect to keep in contact with my classmates and continue to draw on their experience to further my knowledge base. This program reaches far beyond the classroom and has helped me create lifelong connections and friendships. I look forward to the future and helping spread the UIUC MSTM name!

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