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  • New Job, New Life!

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    Looking for a job is stressful and I think most people will agree with that statement. However, I didn’t anticipate all the exciting and stressful moments that come after getting a job.  Being a domestic student I never truly understood the stress that comes with picking up your life and moving to a whole new place; especially since I moved from a northwest suburb of Chicago to Champaign-Urbana. 

    Throughout my year in the MSTM program I had multiple interviews, some with companies that are known world-wide and some small companies.  I attended all the career fairs offered by the University of Illinois, business, engineering and campus-wide.  At the beginning I was very hopeful and enthusiastic about my chances of getting a job offer.  As my classmates began coming into class with invitations to interviews and eventually job offers I began to feel nervous.  Once the spring career fair rolled around, many of my classmates had jobs and I was determined to be one of them.  Both the business and the engineering career fairs brought in opportunities for me to interview with companies but once again there were no job offers after those interviews.  In my eyes, my last hope was the campus-wide career fair which was being held in April.  I began to prepare for it by doing my usual company research on iLink and the company’s website.  I attended the fair and in essence only spoke with two companies and it turns out that it was all l I needed (although I do not recommend that). 

    Right before graduation, I was lucky enough to be invited for an interview with General Motors, who attended the spring 2013 campus-wide career fair.  Almost a month and a half later I received a phone call from General Motors with a job offer in Phoenix, Arizona.  I am not much of a traveler or a person who likes change too much so one can only imagine the spike my anxiety level took that day!  I was excited to be able to work for such a great company which has an enormous reputation in the automotive industry, and eventually after much thought and consideration I accepted the offer. 

    Now the real stuff began.  I had to find an apartment out there, get a car to take out to Arizona, and figure out how I will move all of my belongings.  Luckily for me I was not going through this alone. Two of my MSTM classmates also accepted offers to work for General Motors in Arizona and we bounced ideas off of each other about apartments, cars, and the general relocation process. 

    Once I began telling people that I had accepted my offer and was moving out to Phoenix, a lot of family friends and acquaintances began helping me out with recommendations and overall advice about Arizona.  They gave me advice about landlords and whether the heat was as bad as everyone claimed it was. According to ALL my weather apps, the heat is as bad as they say!

    Even though all of these news parts of my life can be stressful at times, I could not be happier to begin this new journey and see my hard work in the MSTM program and undergraduate studies pay-off.  I wish the best to all those from the MSTM Class of 2013 on their new jobs and future plans and wish the best to the MSTM Class of 2014 and beyond on their job searches!

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