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  • Sharpening Your Instinct: MSTM Frontier

    In this second part of the blog, Sai focused on his brief question and answer session with Andrew Stein regarding the importance of finding balance, management of data collection and effective utilization of information, as well as how this elements link together nicely as a process to sharpen one's business instinct. I am sure the informative answer that Mr. Stein gave will benefit those who are interested in pursuing management program especially the students of MSTM.

  • MSTM: An Integrated Framework of Study

    How can one ready himself to face challenges in uncertain business world? What can one acquire in a year program of MSTM? If you are wondering about these questions, Mr. Bandaru has provided answers that may give you insight about MSTM. In this blog, he talks about how courses in MSTM are linked together and how this framework helped him utilize business insights across different disciplines

  • MSTM journey: A Long Way From Home

    Sheila Castellucci shares her experience being in MSTM program as the sole student from Latin America. She points out how cultural diversity and cases from real life companies helped her develop her business midset, broaden her perspectives and more importantly, have fun!

  • Applying Innovation: Andrew Stein

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    “What will you be doing in your role as a Technology Manager?” This question seems to be simple at first glance. However, many organizational structures has taken the importance of technology manager for granted. In a session of Frontiers in Technology, MSTM welcomed Andrew Stein, Chief Strategy and Sales & Marketing Executive from Pervasive Strategy, to share his ideas about how technology managers make a key impact in a company's ability to innovate and how an individual can be an effective technology managers.

  • Summer Internship and MSTM

    Lei Xiao shared his invaluable experience working in an international trading company before he came to the MSTM program. He encourages prospective Graduate Track students to consider the summer internship option coupled with online summer course that MSTM offers to nurture a comprehensive and analytical perspectives.

  • Trip to Flex-N-Gate

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    On Friday, 26th October, several MSTM students were on field trip to Flex-N-Gate, a leading automobile OEM site under Toyota production line. MSTM students were benefitted from this direct experience with intensive production line, highly qualified engineers and product management assembly.

  • A Taste of Etiquette

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    MSTM students were priviledged to be treated to an etiquette dinner experience. This is an unique and refreshing experience that taught us about professionalism and table manner. Here is my personal impression of the etiquette dinner. Let's enjoy the meal!

  • The first 8 weeks is almost done!

    The first 8 weeks courses are almost done! In the midst of preparing ourselves to brace the finals and moving towards new courses, I want to share some of MSTM experience. It was a bittersweet but invaluable experience nonetheless.

  • Professor Ghosh: The Man and The Ideas

    This week, we scheduled a visit to Professor Ghosh’s office. Avijit Ghosh is a professor from Department of Business Administration at University of Illinois. He came to U of I since 2001 as a Dean in College of Business. Professor Ghosh is humble scholar and his experience and background would amaze you. Now lets talk about something about professor Ghosh.

  • Lunch with Professor Dilip Chhajed

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    2 weeks ago, 4 MSTM students, including myself, were invited to have lunch with Professor Dilip Chhajed in Illini Union Ballroom. While we were enjoying tasty foods being served, we were engaged in a few topics of discussion such as how we adapt as MSTM students, our cultural background and more interestingly, how we sometimes get conflicting ideas from our understanding of idioms. This just goes to show that MSTM program provides opportunity to learn not only technological management aspect of business, but also appreciation of other culture

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