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  • Campus Web Services Toolbox supports AD Groups

    You may have heard that the services now support AD groups...

    Some of the new toolbox tools support direct access to AD groups for access (security) restrictions (like the blog). Some of the older tools, like the Survey Builder, still require you to sue "old style" groups, which were manually created and edited (ack!). Those tools also support AD integration, but you must first use the Group Manger tool (under the Utilities) tab to "create" a new group. But no worries, the group tool itself now has AD integration, so you can basically connect your new "toolbox" group to any existing AD group. One caveat- the AD lookup tool is limited to 100 results. So if you go looking for "library" in the lookup, you likely won't find the all (or mostly :) encompassing "Library Employees" group in the first 100 (limited) results. So the down side is that in some cases, you'll need to be a bit familiar with the AD group names for your unit, college, department, etc to find the one you need. I've already created a new "all encompassing" group called "Library Employees" in the toolbox group that is linked to the AD group of the same name. Toolbox<->AD synchronization happens once a day (it's not a dynamic AD query) but if you need it updated more quickly, you can log in to edit the group and click the "Synchronize Now" button to get an immediate update. No more hand edited/managed lists- Enjoy!

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