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  • Web forms - A Way of the Past?

    Following the last RTG event for the extended Library IT Family, I removed the web form in my Library Directory listing and substituted it with my full e-mail address. Three and a half weeks later, the experiment has concluded. Do the web forms protect us from spam?

    In the full 3 and a half weeks so far that I have been listed on the Library Directory, I received one piece of junk mail that CITES Spam Control did not catch. I cannot conclude whether this message resulted from being listed in the directory or not and 1 message in this time frame is about par for the course of what I was receiving before the change.

    Are we hampering communication for a non-existent boogie man? Has the time come to move from web forms back to listing e-mail addresses? Is a service like a safety measure without the limits we should consider or perhaps an in-house version?

#1 Jan 4, 2010 12:41 pm quote
Your spam results may also have been affected by a robots.txt file (or similar methods), preventing some robots (those that obey a robots.txt file) from reading your email address. This doesn't stop all the nasty robots out there, but it does keep your email address out of Google's and Microsoft's search results. I cannot, however, say with certainty whether we've implement any robot-blocking technology. That said, I would be greatly in favor of getting rid of the email forms. There are currently at least three different flavors of that form in use, and they're difficult to maintain. About once a month, we get either a complaint about the forms malfunctioning, or a feature request.

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