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    The Student Employment Office would also like to invite you to attend our....

    Thursday, October 8, 2009
    Student Center East, 713

    Presented by:
    Beth Darrin, Liberty Mutual

    Come network with Liberty Mutual and learn about their paid 2010
    Internship opportunities for ALL MAJOR students (Accounting,
    Communications, Health Sciences, Math, Criminal Justice, Engineering,
    etc.) in fields such as Actuarial, Claims, Finance, Auditing, Human
    Resources, Loss Control, IT, Underwriting, Product Management, and Sales.

    Learn the steps on how to create a resume. If you have not written a
    resume recently or need to create your first, attend this workshop.
    The presentation will discuss the latest trends and basic formats of
    a resume --employment qualifications, how to highlight your
    education, experience, skills, and other relevant information.

    Cover Letter
    Like your resume, your cover letter is an important self-marketing
    tool, and is the first impression you will make on a potential
    employer. The functions of a cover letter are to demonstrate a fit
    between you, the company, and position; to show that you can
    contribute to the organization as a whole; and to convince the
    employer to offer you an interview. Learn about tips on creating a
    cover letter.

    Sponsored by:
    University of Illinois at Chicago
    Student Employment Office (MC 335)
    Student Services Building, Suite 2100
    1200 West Harrison Street
    Chicago, IL 60607-7164
    Office: 312.996.3130
    Fax: 312.413.7944

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