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  • Welcome Back!!!!

    Welcome Back UIC Students!

    We hope you had a fantastic break. This week is all about figuring out where classes are, tying up loose ends, and starting the semester off on the right foot. Yet just as the break flew by, so will the semester. Before you know it there will be mid-terms and finals to tackle. So, do not wait to begin your career preparation.

    The Office of Career Services is located on the third floor of SSB in suite 3050. We have an experienced team of Career Advisors ready to help you with a variety of career prep needs. Whether you need a resume and cover letter makeover or want to learn about building networks; we can help! We also offer video-taped mock interviews, one-on-one career counseling, and on-line webinars.  Or, just stop by our office to read one of our many career related texts in the library! Check out our website or just give us a call at 312-996-2300.

    Once again, welcome back!  Have a great semester and see you soon!

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