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  • Meet the New Graduate Assistant: Allison Zures

    My name is Allison Zures and I am the new Graduate Assistant for the Office of Career Services. I am originally from Southern California and moved to Chicago four years ago. I completed my undergraduate coursework at the University of Southern California. While at USC I received a Bachelors degree in Art History with a minor in English Literature. I am currently pursuing a Masters degree here at UIC in Education: Instructional Leadership and Educational Studies.

    I am thrilled to be working in the Office of Career Services both because of the numerous resources we offer and my own personal experience. When I graduated from college I had no idea what to look for in a career! Marketable skills, action verbs, and salary negotiation were quite scary for me and I was intimidated by the prospect of transitioning into a profession. I still regret not utilizing the services that my college offered more frequently. Now I get to help students not make that same mistake!

    I strongly encourage you to stop by our office and find out about all the resources available to assist you in finding a fulfilling and profitable career. It is never too early to sharpened your job-seeking skills. Stop by SSB 3050 to discover more. I look forward to meeting you! Have a great first week of classes.


    Allison Zures

#1 Aug 26, 2009 4:19 pm quote
Welcome to OCS, Allison!

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