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  • Attention Graduating Students!!

    Are you a December 2009, May 2010, or August 2010 graduate? Are you going to work full time after graduation? Let us help . . .

    The on-campus interviewing programs lets you interview with companies for full time job that begin after graduation.  50 - 80 companies conducting interviews and/or information sessions each semester. The program is open to all graduating students BUT you must be registered to participate.


    Here's how to register . . .

    1. Attend a career seminar
      Career Preparation Seminars
      are open to all graduating students.
      Career Orientation Seminars are open to CBA students who have alreaday completed an internship seminar with the College of Business Administration
    2. Complete or update your profile in
    3. Have your resume and profile reviewd and complete the white signature card in the Office of Career Services. 
      This can be done by making an appointment or coming in during drop-in hours.
    4. Uploaded your approved resume to your account.
    5. After 1 work day, start searching and applying for interview opportunities.

    It might look like a long list but if you schedule your time wisely most of it can be done in one day :)

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