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  • Media Relations Award: Kirsten Ruby, University Housing

    Jack Collins, Kirsten Ruby, Robin Kaler
    Jack Collins, Kirsten Ruby, Robin Kaler

    While many folks must dip their toes in the media relations water as part of their jobs, this year's winner frequently and elegantly swims in the deep end of the pool. She understands clearly what is news, how media deadlines work, the importance of telling the truth - and offering context. Most of her encounters with the media are for stories that could put the campus in a bad light, for example: Bill Ayers speaking on campus, fights after student dances, a massive power outage in the residence halls, and of course, the dreaded H1N1 virus. In each instance, Kirsten Ruby, Director of Marketing for Housing, demonstrated grace and class, and she always represented the university well. Thank you, Kirsten, recipient of this year's media relations award.