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  • Innovation in Marketing Award: Brad Petersen, Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Beth Katsinas, Brad Petersen, Robin Kaler
    Beth Katsinas, Brad Petersen, Robin Kaler

    The 2009 Innovation in Marketing Award goes to Brad Petersen of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Brad has taken a unit that had virtually no identity and blended traditional and non-traditional methods to make a positive and measurable impact on his department. For five years at ECE, enrollments had been down, so Brad spearheaded a creative campaign that blended Web, print, t-shirts, E-cards and more to tell the ECE story. Most important, he benchmarked everything he did, and when it was implemented his efforts had, in fact, helped increase enrollment. His boss was happy, he was happy, the students who found ECE were happy, and we decided he deserved the 2009 Innovation in Marketing award!