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  • Crisis Communications Award: Tom Hardy, Ginny Hudak-David, Melanie Kuehn, University Relations

    ACME Awards
    ACME Awards

    The Crisis Communications Award goes to the communicator who has played a leadership role in responding to crisis situations. In the past year, we have dealt with what I hope was the biggest crisis any of us will ever have to face in our careers. Since April 14th, when we received the first Freedom of Information request involving what we later came to know as Category I admissions, this team has responded with thousands of pages of documents, dealt with scores of reporters and done their very best to offer wise counsel to the people for whom they work. If only their behind-the-scenes advice had been heeded, we'd all have less brand rebuilding work to do today. Congratulations to the University Relations Team - Melanie Kuehn, Ginny Hudak-David and Tom Hardy - recipients of the 2009 Crisis Communications Award.