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  • Extra Mile Award: Todd Short, Public Safety

    Robin Kaler, Todd Short, Barbara O'Connor
    Robin Kaler, Todd Short, Barbara O'Connor

    This year, we'd like to give a special award to someone whose job title doesn't even involve communications. When we talk with you about the challenges you face, most of you mention not having a seat at the unit planning table instead being called in at the end of the process and asked to make what we fondly call "donkey soup" out of ill-advised strategies and approaches chosen by people who have no idea how we do our work or what value we can add. But today, were honoring Todd Short, director of emergency planning for the Division of Public Safety. More than a year ago, he was tasked with creating an emergency response plan for the campus, and one of the first calls he made was to Public Affairs. He has included us in EVERY meeting, committee and decision along the way to creating a campus-wide plan. He has listened to our ideas and advocated for our concerns. He has been a trusted colleague, and has helped us better understand the big picture ourselves. Congratulations Todd, and thank you for always going the extra mile.