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  • Code a Holiday Tree at the White House

    This holiday season, Made With Code (part of Google’s initiative to increase diversity in Computer Science) teamed up with the National Park Service and National Park Foundation and put 56 programmable holiday trees (one for each state and US territory) in President’s Park at the White House. Girls (and boys, too!) can visit Made With Code's Code the Holidays project and use blockly, a tile-based programming language, to design a light show pattern that will appear in real life on the tree for their state in President’s Park. Once your code is submitted, you’ll get a notification about what time your code will play on the tree.

     Made with Code holiday tree animationMade with Code animated holdiay tree

    The animations above are my 7-year old daughter's red and yellow lava lamp design, and my 4-year old son's purple and white stripes code. It’s quick and easy, and such a fun way for kids to see their programs do something in the real world. We can’t wait for their codes to be displayed on the Illinois tree at 4:33 and 4:34 p.m. CST on December 14th.


    A big thanks to Brendan in the MSTE office for sharing this with me.  He pointed out that Code the Holidays is pretty sneaky - kids have so much fun doing this project that they don't even realize they're coding.  Give it a try and share your tree displays with us in the comments.