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  • Graduate Students to Present Research Friday, 4/16

    Three veterinary clinical medicine graduate students will present their research this Friday, April 16, at 9:15 in Small Animal Clinic room 80, as a part of department's seminar series sponsored by Hills Pet Nutrition.

    Dr. Swanand Sathe will present "Testicular Responses of Pre-pubertal colts to GnRH analogue Deslorelin" (Advisor -Dr. Sherrie Clark)

    Dr. Hayden Webster will present “Effects of Flunixin Meglumine and Local Anesthetic on Plasma Cortisol Concentration and Performance in Dairy Calves Castrated at 2 to 3 Months of Age.” (Advisor –Dr. Dawn Morin)

    Dr. Nicole Pach will present “The effects of fat mass increase and oxidative stress on insulin sensitivity in cats.”  (Advisor- Margarethe Hoenig)

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