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Planting Seeds for the Future

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  • Welcome to Week Four: Traditions of Excellence

    Vet Med pride month would not be complete without a look back at our history and our traditions of excellence.

    One of the best ways to appreciate our College's history - and the history of the field of veterinary medicine - is to visit the Zuschlag Veterinary Medicine Heritage Collection & Information Commons.

    On display on the second floor of the Basic Sciences Building, located at 2001 South Lincoln Avenue in Urbana, the collection is open to the public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on regular University business days.

    The collection includes more than 30 cabinets featuring artifacts from the earliest days of the veterinary profession. Syringes on display date from the Civil War era. An exhibit on veterinary pharmacology contains medicines from the quack doctors of the late 19th century. Numerous surgical implements show how animal surgery has evolved from primitive beginnings.

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