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  • Soybean Press Prize for Literature and Art: Winner Announced!

    We are pleased to announce the winner of the Soybean Press Prize for Literature & Art, Valerie O'Brien, who has been selected for her poem, "Wind Turbines". This award was established to encourage creative work by undergraduates, further the appreciation of fine press printing, and increase collaboration between creative writers and graphic designers. (more information at the Soybean Press Website:

    As a result of winning this award, the artists of the Soybean Press will work with Valerie to teach her about fine press printing and involve her in the creative process of producing a special edition copy of her poem. Volunteers are welcome to participate in this process and learn about fine press printing. If you are interested in volunteering, contact mstrombe(at) for more information. Copies will be available through the Soybean Press, upon completion.