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  • MBA Picnic...MBA1s win tug-of-war!

    The tug-of-war was commentated by Professor Hayden Noel, who brought a lot of excitement to the tug just as he does in class.  Students also brought their families, and the children enjoyed the playground and bouncy house.  Everyone enjoyed the cook-out and the delicious brownies.  This was a great opportunity for all the classes to hang-out with each other, and listen to a local iconic band, Captain Rat & the Blind Rivets. 

    Hessel Park is just one of the many beautiful parks courtesy of the Champaign Park District and Urbana Park District that are scattered all over the two cities.  The parks provide a great place to spend time with your friends & family and to study. 

    MBA1s will be MBA2s next year and will need to work hard to keep their title as the tug-of-war champions!