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  • What Matters at Illinois?

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    An MBA is not just about the classes you take to earn a degree.  Its about the experience; the people you add to your personal and professional network, the opportunities you have to learn and grow and the resources at your disposal to elevate your career after graduation.  That is why it is important to find the right program for you.  While cost, rankings and location factor into the decision, one of the most important, and sometimes overlooked criteria is the culture of the program.

    What do we mean by culture? I look at it as the values the program embodies combined with the traits of students who do well here. So, what’s important to us?  At Illinois, we value:

    · Academic Excellence – Students at Illinois have the opportunity to learn from top faculty in a variety of disciplines.  We look for students who have been successful in previous academic endeavors and who demonstrate the discipline and maturity required for success in our program.

    · Leadership – We want students to leave the program better than they found it.  We want them to take our student clubs to the next level and lead their organizations as graduates of our program.

    · Involvement – Our program provides opportunities to travel, participate in case competitions, attend guest lectures, work at the world’s largest student-run consultancy and interact with alumni on a regular basis.  We look for students who enjoy these types of activities and will take advantage of them.  We also look for students who are likely to stay involved and give back to the program as alumni.

    · Attitude – During the first year of our program, students work extensively in a team setting. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work well in a deadline-oriented situations is imperative.   We look for students who have demonstrated these traits throughout their previous academic and professional careers.

    · Service – Having the opportunity to attend Illinois is a privilege and we look for students who are willing to donate their time and abilities for the benefit of our program, our University and/or the community in which we live.  A great example of this is the Kola foundation, a non-profit started and run by Illinois MBA students.  The Kola foundation works to alleviate suffering on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

    If Illinois sounds like the place for you, it’s not too late to apply. Our final deadline for domestic students is May 1st. Please contact us for additional information if you are interested