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  • Illinois MBA Provides Back to School List for First Year Business School Students

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    Whether continuing on from college or just heading back to the classroom, first year business school students need to be well prepared and have all of the tools necessary to take on the year ahead. As one of the top 40 MBA programs in country, Illinois MBA knows what it takes to be prepared and have compiled a list of Back to School items that will be needed for todays MBA student.

    Business cards - (real and online) - You are an MBA student now meaning potential companies are going to want to hire you someday and will need to be able to contact you. Always have some spare business cards available for those instant job offers and of course include your social media information (twitter handle, Facebook URL, LinkedIn profile, etc.)

    Non-spill coffee mugs - Yes, you will be up until the wee hours of the night cramming and studying.  Yes, it will last your entire first year. Good thing in your second year at Illinois MBA you can look forward to the flexibility of choosing from a wide variety of business and non-business courses focused on what you want to do in your career while also promoting sustainability with your reusable coffee mug.

    Business casual attire - Don’t plan on spending all your time in the classroom. At Illinois MBA you have the opportunity to get out of the classroom and participate in one of their experiential learning programs such as Illinois Business Consulting program that provides hands-on consulting services to some Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and non-profits. i.e. sweatpants are not ok.

    Ramen noodles (or other instant meals) - There is no doubt business school is a financial commitment but you can feel confident know that Illinois MBA has been ranked one of the top 3 U.S business schools for ROI of 3.85 years by Bloomberg Business Week. So don’t worry, the filet mignon is closer than you think.

    Updated passport - For incoming Illinois MBA students, a passport is highly recommended to participate in its International Immersion Program where students have the opportunity to both study and complete projects in places like India, China, Brazil and South Africa.

    Start your bucket list - Though philanthropic opportunities with the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota students will gain real-world skills and invaluable on-the-ground experience for MBA students in every field. Whether you are setting strategy as part of the executive team, running a social media marketing campaign, or managing non-profit accounting and tax reporting, this MBA program teaches principles of sustainability and social entrepreneurship like no other.

    About Illinois MBA:
    The Illinois MBA is a nationally-ranked master’s program dedicated to providing students with the skills and experiences to lead organizations in the 21st century. The program combines instruction from some of the top business faculty in the world with experiential learning opportunities including Illinois Business Consulting, study abroad and collaboration with various campus centers and the University of Illinois Research Park. Students in the Illinois MBA have the opportunity to customize their curriculum by taking graduate level elective classes either within, or outside the College of Business. For more information, please visit our website.