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  • SocialFuse

    Photo: MBA Student Jordan Buckner pitching at SocialFuse
    Photo: MBA Student Jordan Buckner pitching at SocialFuse

    If you have a startup idea and need to get people on your team, or if you are looking to meet your co-founder, want to join a startup, are interested in entrepreneurship, or if just want to network with amazing people, SocialFuse is for you!

    On Thursday 1/30 the Technology Entrepreneur and Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership collaborated to host SocialFuse at BIF. SocialFuse is a pitching and networking event that brings people from around the campus together, and I think it is great! Let’s get a bunch of people in business, design, engineering, computer science, etc. in the same room and figure out how we can work together to create startups. Having free food and giving away an iPad is nice too, but the best part of the event was listening to pitches and networking. An MBA student pitched a food business idea and asked for technical help. An engineering student pitched a product to empower girls and asked for design help. A different engineering student pitched an activity recognition tool and asked for help developing code. A computer science professor pitched a startup he is working on with a student. After pitching, everyone had some food and networked. If you missed it, don’t worry, SocialFuse is a recurring event and you can check it out next time! Just take a look at the TEC website to find out when and where (I’m hoping the next one will be in the Art & Design building):  

    If you have a startup idea, don’t wait for the next SocialFuse - sign up for the Cozad New Venture Competition today! The deadline is Feb. 4th.  Sign up here:

    Matt Grimm, Illinois MBA student