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  • Design for America Kick-Off

    Design for America at UIUC just kicked off the Spring Semester! DFA teams presented accomplishments from last semester, and we started forming spring semester teams and getting started on projects.  

    Photo: Suharsh Sivakumar, Computer Science; Matt Grimm, MBA; Roshni Doshi, Industrial Design, Thomas Barger, Architecture; Yuhan Li, Industrial Design


    DFA at UIUC is a student led RSO that creates local and social impact. We are part of an award-winning nationwide network of college students and communities using design to create local and social impact in the areas of Health, Education, Economy and the Environment.             

    Our mission is to create a pipeline of leaders of innovation and impact through the implementation of DFA projects!

    We follow a human centered design process to conduct research, reframe the challenge, ideate, brainstorm, build and test prototypes, and implement solutions to create    an impact while working in teams of students from across campus. Some DFA projects are launched in to non-profit organizations, some are handed off to partners, and some turn in to startups.  Nationally, DFA’s project teams have raised over $1.5 million in seed funding, and earned positions in Healthbox and Betaspring accelerators, a Dell Social Innovation Fellowship, a Mozilla and Macarthur award and three provisional patents. Additionally, DFA has received nationwide attention with features in Fast Company, Inc Magazine, O Magazine, Harvard Business Review and over 40 other media outlets.

    Last semester we had project teams working on Driving Independence for Older Adults in collaboration with Chrysler (read more about it here:, and here is the blog for the project team: Natural Disasters, Homelessness, and E-Waste. This semester we are working on a healthcare project, an OpenIDEO challenge: How might we help women and girls feel safe and empowered in low-income urban areas, and E-Waste.    

    We need YOU to get involved! Apply your knowledge, skills, and abilities to creating local and social impact. Join a project team or start a new project! Or contribute your skills to helping DFA in other ways (like marketing or developing community partnerships). If you are interested in entrepreneurship, human centered design, market research, working in or leading multidisciplinary teams, innovation, or creating social impact - DFA at UIUC is for you!  

    Here is how you can connect with the DFA family:


    Email Matt:

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