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  • Super Bowl Party!

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    Last Sunday, over 80 MBAs gathered for the biggest  American sporting event of the year….the Super Bowl.  For some, it was their first Super Bowl and they could not contain their excitement.

    They came to the party for many reasons.  Broncos fans were excited that their team had been invited to the big game.  Unfortunately, they experienced a bit of stage fright.  The Seahawks fans cheered all night as their team made wonderful play after wonderful play and earned a win. 

    Others spent the evening concentrating on an entirely different game.

    A few were there to see the commercials.  They awwwed at the puppy in the Budweiser commercial and laughed as the Volkswagen engineers received their wings.

    The free food was all that was needed for some.

    No matter their reason for coming, they all enjoyed a few hours without books and in the company of good friends.

    Photographer/Author: Kelly Malloy

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