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  • Chinese New Year Celebration

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    MBA Students ring in the New Year with a festive Chinese New Year Celebration.  Here are some snapshots of the fun event!


    Ibrahim and Yao always make the cover page of the MBA action magazine. This picture sums up the MBA celebration of Chinese Lunar New Year – Year of The Horse 2014, full of action and excitement. The event was held in the YMCA on Wright Street and was attended by over 80 MBA students, faculty and administration. 



    In the Illinois MBA, there are always people who try to help make life more joyful and add to the learning of the student body. Here is the group that volunteered to make this year’s Chinese New Year celebration a reality; from video & audio fixtures to the actual performances.


     The MBA program takes pride in its diverse student body – the guys enjoyed having their names written by a Chinese calligrapher.  


    Not only people originating from China, but also everyone was invited to learn about the culture and put on beautiful performances to showcase Chinese culture. Here is Jivko (Bulgarian) and Juan (Columbian) putting Chinese boxing into action.


    The MBA ladies performed a beautiful Chinese Fan Dance with grace!


    In addition to performances, the Chinese New Year celebration was filled with many activities and competitions engaging the audience. 


    Finally, the attendees engaged in an exciting Pictionary game... and yes, that was a lot of fun for both the students and the kids!

    Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

    Photographer/Author: Mohamed Ebrahim

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