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  • Ibrahim's Summer Internship & The OrgSync Conference

    This summer I am working as a Project Lead Intern on a technology innovation project for the Systems Department at State Farm’s Research and Development. My project is to develop a working prototype of a technology solution, recently patented by State Farm, to detect distracted driving behavior using emerging technologies such as Gesture Detection and Machine Learning. If successful, it can be a game changer for the auto insurance industry.  My primary responsibilities are to lead and coordinate a team of 9 interns divided into 3 sub-teams to deliver the working prototype. It was really challenging and exciting to lead this team from diverse backgrounds such as Computer Science, Industrial Engineering, Marketing and Supply Chain.
    Moreover, during the summer the MBA Association had the privilege of attending the OrgSync conference in Dallas. This was a really rewarding experience as we learnt about the upcoming changes to the OrgSync User Interface.  I am sure most of us will find the new interface easier to navigate and more appealing to the eyes. Some of the other key things that I learned from the conference were:

    - Using consistent branding in messages and questionnaires is likely to give you more credibility in the eyes of users.

    - Other universities are utilizing the QR code feature in OrgSync to reach out to users and increase activity on the portal.

    - OrgSync advises that one shouldn’t use an image as your entire content. It would not appear in newsfeed or on the mobile app.

    - Images can now be used as top headers for club pages, like the cover photos on your Facebook profiles. However, ensure the resolution is 900 x 200 pixels.

    - The mobile application is a really effective and easy way to reach out to users and increase activity on the portal.


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