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  • Canadian Leadership Program

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    In May, I was one of 23 students to attend the Tefler School of Management Canadian Leadership Orientation Program in Montreal and Ottawa, Canada. Through this program, I met with Canadian business professors, politicians, and corporate executives. This experience provided invaluable, first-hand exposure to Canada's economic, industrial, and financial market structures, and helped me become more informed about North American free trade practices. Aside from business, I had a great time as a tourist in Canada as this trip beat any of my expectations. I spent a week in the country prior to the program enjoying the sights: white water rafting, touring Montreal by bicycle, and receiving a personal tour of the Canadian Parliament building. Canada has so much to offer. This was a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend a trip to Canada.
#1 Oct 27, 2010 2:14 pm quote
I'm a Canadain and i'm so glad to hear that your trip was not only educational but enjoyable. I find that most people that I talk to have a great time when they come up here. The fact that you came up here to learn about our business practices and the how USA and Canada can prosper together through doing business together is great. Thanks for sharing your experience.