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  • MBA Experiential Learning Fair Showcases Opportunities for Grad Students

    Experiential Fair @ Business Instructional Facility
    Experiential Fair @ Business Instructional Facility

    The first ever MBA Experiential Learning Fair has been designed to help graduate students learn about the various opportunities available to help them apply what they are learning in the classroom to real-world business situations.  Organizations from all over campus came to tell their story, encourage students to think outside the box and get them involved in new activities to enhance professional development.  Participants ranged from Illinois Business Consulting (IBC) to the MBA2 Project Courses, ESLARP, Illini Renewable Energy Student Group and MBA Study Abroad (and many more!)

    MBA1 Justin Essig attended the event and found the internship opportunity for MBA's and M.S. students working together very interesting.  He said, "I'm happy to see the Graduate College working on this. The idea of combining science and MBA together is will give me the opportunity to use my background in Biology in business.  I didn't think Biology would translate into business school, so this is very exciting!"

    Illinois CIBER is providing MBA students a chance to earn a Certificate in Global Business.  This certificate combines two international business course with a foreign language, an area studies course and an overseas experience.  Justin Essig was also attracted to this opportunity given that he is looking to pursue a career in global consulting.  Along with the obvious career benefit to having this experience, Essig thought "this would be great for personal reasons.  It is never a bad thing to have global issue awareness - it keeps me in tune with the world outside of what I experience day-to-day".

    Carrie Hokl and Courtney Wolff (Juniors, UIUC-Undergrad), two of the student workers from the Illinois Leadership Center, said they want to make sure students know about the "opportunities the ILC provides.  We offer various workshops that are specific to developing leadership skill sets including self-awareness and management, transitional development and interpersonal communication.  These workshops are great because they allow students to get to know each other better and provide an opportunity to expand their network." 

    MBA1 student Sumeet Pal was only familiar with IBC and Study Abroad after he completed his first week at the IMBA.  However, at the fair he learned about the Technology Entrepreneur Center (TEC).  He thought "this is a great offer because it is related to my technical background.  They are asking students to think of new ideas and contribute, which is exciting because this is a field I am passionate about.  It brings together my business mind but also my passion."

    Overall, the fair was a huge success and served students with a valuable platform to really push themselves to apply themselves.  One of the benefits of the MBA program is the flexibility we provide our students because we know so much learning happens outside the classroom. This event brought organizations together and gave students a chance to really capitalize on the opportunity to diversify and continue their education.

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I'm super excited to see so many new opportunities open to first and second year MBA students. I think one of the hardest parts about starting a graduate program at a large school like Illinois is knowing what's possible outside of the classroom. Kudos to the MBA Administration for appreciating and addressing this fundamental issue for new students. I look forward to reading this blog to learn more about the program. Cheers. Patrick S. MacKay (IMBA '10)