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  • MBA Student Feature: Five Minutes With....

    Cecilia Araya - MBA1; Marketing
    Cecilia Araya - MBA1; Marketing

    Since the MBA program is home to about 200 students with so many different experiences, we thought it would be great to start featuring them on the "Student Life Blog"!  There are so many amazing stories to hear...what better way to start learning about our students then to spend five minutes with them!

    One of the great things about the Illinois MBA is that both the MBA community as well as the larger campus community are home to men and women from a variety of cultural, economic, racial, and religious backgrounds. The diversity of the student body creates a truly experiential, exciting environment where we can learn, work, and play. Each week (we hope!) we will feature a new student.  A quick five minute interview can reveal a lot!

    Without futher ado, meet Cecilia Araya, a first-year MBA student from Santiago, Chile...

    ...where should we begin?
    Cecilia, what is your dream job? " would be as a brand manager in a pharmacuetical lab. Does that sound too boring?" No, just surprising!

    If you couldspend a day in someone elses shoes, who would it be? Why? "This is a hard question...let's see. It would be Sarah Jessica Parker because she is able to wear all of the deisgner clothes, for free and they are all so famous! I would want to do everything - travel, shop, go to a movie premiere! She's amazing!"

    What is the coolest place you have ever been? "Oh! It would be the Atacama Desert; it is the third biggest desert in the world and it is absolutely beautiful!"

    Tell me something that no one would know about you..."I ran a half marathon recently. I was super happy when I finished...and this weekend I am going sky diving. I am not sure if I am happy about it, but I think it will be fun."

    What is your favorite thing about the Illinois MBA, so far? "There are so many has been so fun! But, recently I just won the Ethics internal case competition. I have to say, though, IBC and the opporunity to study abroad are really my two favorite things."
    Be sure to check back for more interview with out students. You never what you're going to learn!